Coast to Coast

by Batwings Catwings

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released July 22, 2016

Recorded by Jeffrey Byron
Mixed by Jeffrey Bryon and Evan Bradford
Mastered by Zach Weeks

Artwork and design by Christopher Danko

Special thanks to Michael Grodner



all rights reserved


Batwings Catwings Los Angeles, California

Inspired radio-friendly noise pop with no pretenses. In Los Angeles—a place where surfing and skating are king—Batwings Catwings are right at home as a quintessentially So-Cal band of party rockers, and affixed to a music community that has spawned some of the world’s most game-changing musical acts. ... more

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Track Name: Totally Outrageous
I get bored when I'm on hold
When I've got time to keep hitting rewind
It's so good when I'm the only one
I'm the only voice I hear when I see signs

Ohh, I've been totally outrageous
raising hell when I tell stories to myself
If you could read my mind
I wish you'd tear out all the pages
Rewrite the words inside my head

I can't rest when I'm obsessed
Been layin in the shadows creepin out
I feel sick, really losin it
When the sun comes up I get up but I'm down

When I get in my head
I get so mad and I'm so tragic
I'm really sensitive
I take it personal when you bleed
Track Name: Breathless
Spent all these years since the last time that I saw you
Rearranging, changing everything and hoping you would hear me sing
When I let go I knew I'd be somewhere and you'd be there

Here I am and I'm all wrapped up again
I guess thats just the way I've always been
Yeah I believe every word you say to me

You came around and you said I'm living proof
Of something so divine, how I remind you
what we're hear to do
One kiss and I'm blissed out
Breathless on a pink cloud

Here I am and I'm all wrapped up again
I guess thats just the way I've always been
Yeah I believe every word you say to me
Track Name: 1000 Volts
You are the best I've ever seen
But tonight I feel like all their eyes are on me
I'm the best I've ever been
I never thought you'd be the one to say

Oh my god, you got me again
And I am blinding people when you hold my hand
hold my hand

Yeah, I feel like I'm the sun
You could harness all my light to power Vegas
I can't hide what I've become
I never thought I'd be the one you play with

Oh my god, you got me again
and I'm so high voltage when you hold my hand
hold my hand

On my own
I'm monotone
I burn so low

Then you go, Hey! Wake up!
I get so amped up
Track Name: Sky Blue Haze
I admit defeat
Knives are just dull things compared to
the words that cut so deep
You don't feel a thing
They barely pierce your skin
They don't stand a chance, they don't know
how your hearts on a different beat

If I could I'd take their breath away
Cause words are wind
They dissolve in a sky blue haze

All I hear is noise
I can't trust my ears and I'm even deceived by my own eyes
I get confused
But I can see my truth
You don't tell me anything but to do what I want to do
Track Name: Medicine
I'm out of line
I feel angry with myself
Is it meant to be this sickening?
Alright, I've said too much to you
I just had to break my silence before I did something violent
But I, I don't wanna take this

This medicine won't fix anything
Can you believe I'm misbehaving again
I, I don't know what I need anymore
Makes you sick
Just say it

I'm all messed up
but I don't take any drugs
Just a night of heavy thinking
Tonight, you're the light and I'm the dark
You burn like skin in the Sahara
I'm the sun I'm blazing high
But I, I don't wanna take this
Track Name: Coast To Coast
Home on the great white sand
Killer vibes and skin
This is everything
When I was young, watching boardwalk bands
Stayed up all night to see the sun rise at 6am

No fear, no sweat
Don't know what's next
but I feel so rad
No fear, no sweat
Don't know what's next
but I feel excellent

I'm stoked on your hardcore band
I'm a real big fan
I get so intense
But I can't stay here another day
Westbound so I can see the sun over PCH

Foam on the great white sand
I'm a real big fan
I'm in love again